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Beyond MeToo: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Trauma

Oct 23, 2018

"If we're asking what's next, my 'what's next' has a lot to do with making space for people's healing, which doesn't just mean feeling good and getting bodywork and going to yoga. It could mean getting really angry and getting really sad and finding places and practitioners who can hold space for all of that healing to...

Oct 9, 2018

“For young women and girls, overwhelmingly, the silence results in funneling them further into a system of violence. So they go from personal and interpersonal violence to structural and systemic violence, ultimately leading them to incarceration.”

In this interview, Liz shares her thoughts on sexual violence both...

Oct 4, 2018

In this mini episode, I reflect on an alternative to the "he said, she said" rhetoric that is dominating the national conversation (yet again).

"Even if he knows somewhere inside himself that he did this, is there any space in our current conversation for him to admit what he did, to apologize and to potentially arrive...