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Beyond MeToo: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Trauma

Nov 5, 2018

"If I'm willing to take a new definition of vulnerability and recognize it as 'This is part of the human condition; everyone is vulnerable to something, and no one leaves this world unscathed in some way.' If I'm willing to look at it that way, I have more of a chance to empower myself and to help myself, rather than to just stay stuck."

Sarah Buino is a Chicago based therapist and founder and president of Head/Heart Therapy, a group practice that specializes in addiction, shame and complementary healing modalities. In this interview we discuss the concept of sexual abuse on the energetic level and the nuances of sexual trauma, as well as its relationship to addiction. She also shares hope for healing in discussing the approach of finding the ease in the "dis-ease" and the importance of vulnerability and empathy as the antidotes to shame.


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