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Beyond MeToo: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Trauma

Jan 1, 2019

"Every small and large step I've taken to speak, in whatever form - whether it's my voice, my play, my readings - every time I do any of that, I heal a little bit more because it's contradicting all that has made me believe I shouldn't be telling... It's always healing, every bit of it." 

Donna has a lot to offer with nearly four decades working through her own healing process. She is an activist, playwright, actor and author who is committed to sharing her story of healing from incest as a part of her own healing and the healing of the issue of sexual violence in our society. In this interview she covers a lot of ground: her work in feminism’s second wave; how she began speaking aloud about the truth of her incest; the difference between forgiveness and acceptance; the role of spirituality in healing; the importance and difficulty of coming out to her family about her father’s abuse; the role of art and writing in her healing path; and the importance of bringing childhood sexual abuse into the public conversation.


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